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Banks in Bali


There are plenty of Banks in Bali. The most common banks are BCA (Bank Central Asia), Mandiri, BRI (Bank Rakyat Indonesia, Bank of the people), BNI (Bank Negara Indonesia, Country Bank). The largest banks are owned by the state of Indonesia, there are many, smaller, private owned banks as well. Some banks offer specific Muslim Banking; Sharia Banking.

ATM, money from a Bali Wall

There are many ATM's in Bali, allowing for Meastro, Visa and Mastercard transactions. Please use an ATM in a busy place, and check for any irregularities where you need to insert your ATM Card. Sometimes, but not often, there are skimming devices, devices that record your credit card's details. A small hidden camera may record your ATM PIN.

Using a Credit Card

Indonesia is known as a high risk country for Credit Cards. Use your credit cards wisely, be sure to have credit card cancelation telephone numbers available if you lose your credit card. Never let your credit card out of sight.

Opening a Bank Account in Bali

Foreigners can open a bank account in Bali. In most cases, a KITAS is needed. A KITAS is a residential stay permit for foreigners working in Indonesia, or retired foreigners. While some procedures at Indonesian banks seem ancient to people using modern banks in 1st world countries, banks have plenty of modern services, like online banking, banking with a mobile phone etc.

Bali Bank

Exchange rates in Bali

These are the exchange rates for the Australian Dollar (AUD), the European EURO (EUR), the American Dollar (USD) and the British Pound (GBP). Valid exchange rates Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) rates as of: Jul 26, 2018, 13:35:03:

1 AUD = 10.751 IDR
1 EUR = 16.956 IDR
1 USD = 14.450 IDR
1 GBP = 19.075 IDR

100.000 Rupiah= 9.3 AUD, 5.9 EUR, 6.92 USD, 5.24 GBP
50.000 Rupiah= 4.65 AUD, 2.95 EUR, 3.46 USD, 2.62 GBP
20.000 Rupiah= 1.86 AUD, 1.18 EUR, 1.38 USD, 1.05 GBP
10.000 Rupiah= 0.93 AUD, 0.59 EUR, 0.69 USD, 0.52 GBP
5.000 Rupiah= 0.47 AUD, 0.29 EUR, 0.35 USD, 0.26 GBP