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Money Changers in Bali

Safe or will you be connned in Bali?

Changing money in Bali can be hazardous. There is plenty of conning going on. For some unfortunate people it is the first bit of Magic in Bali they encounter. Some money changers are real magicians, and even though you do your best to watch, you will never notice before its too late. And, they will blame you, simply because they can....

Exchange rates on the streets of Bali

However, even though it is not without risk, strangely enough, exchange rates on the street, can be better then they are at banks, or your ATM. Especially for larger amounts, it can be profitable to shop around a bit....

Money Changing in Bali Movies

Some educational movies about changing money in Bali:

Exchange rates in Bali

These are the exchange rates for the Australian Dollar (AUD), the European EURO (EUR), the American Dollar (USD) and the British Pound (GBP). Valid exchange rates Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) rates as of: Jul 26, 2018, 13:35:03:

1 AUD = 10.751 IDR
1 EUR = 16.956 IDR
1 USD = 14.450 IDR
1 GBP = 19.075 IDR

100.000 Rupiah= 9.3 AUD, 5.9 EUR, 6.92 USD, 5.24 GBP
50.000 Rupiah= 4.65 AUD, 2.95 EUR, 3.46 USD, 2.62 GBP
20.000 Rupiah= 1.86 AUD, 1.18 EUR, 1.38 USD, 1.05 GBP
10.000 Rupiah= 0.93 AUD, 0.59 EUR, 0.69 USD, 0.52 GBP
5.000 Rupiah= 0.47 AUD, 0.29 EUR, 0.35 USD, 0.26 GBP